Our retreats have four fundamental parts which we collectively call “4Q Health Retreat”, these make up the retreat’s health experience. We will explore each in more detail during our time together at the retreat. For now, here’s a brief snippet:

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One of our fundamental mantra’s is “environment dictates behaviour.” Hence If you want to change a habit or behaviour, you have to be willing to change your environment. Book yourself to our retreat is the first step! Your escape is set amongst a beautiful and chilled atmosphere, with all the comforts of home but with a touch of luxury sown in. This alone is one of the reasons retreats can be so transformational and also a bit sad to leave and go back home. But fear not, we are so excited to share with you and give you the tools you need to create, environments, that you need to support your wellbeing when you return home. These techniques will change your life forever!

Healthy Eating

Eating is nourishment; it’s also connection and enjoyment. Each day you will experience the best local cafes (hand-picked of course) and in house meals, prepared from local produce. Unless it’s required, we don’t subscribe to food restriction but rather focusing on nutrients reach meals and happiness.

Physical Activity

Daily movement is a crucial component to preventing disease, injury, ageing, cognitive decline and all-cause mortality. It’s a key pillar at your retreat. Our movement philosophy is designed around structured variability (we dive into what this means and why it is so essential for your health at the retreat). Jan, a global health&fitness presenter, will be your in house coach and will take you through daily work-outs, work-ins and at home self-care strategies. His energy and passion for educating people to move well and often will leave you inspired and motivated well beyond this retreat experience.


Your inner feeling influences your health and longevity the most. Creating moments of joy, connection, pleasure, empowerment, self-reflection and inspiration is the WHY behind us creating this health experience for you. We cannot wait to share in those moments with you.

In isolation, they may not mean much, but together they form the foundations upon which sustainable health is created, for you to live out your dreams.
— Chantel & Jan, HBFR Creators

Our retreats are perfect for corporate/company/business bonding, family time or connecting with new like minded people. 


“ in a package of love, laughter and learning”
— Catherine Paterson