About Healthy Before Fit Retreats


We create retreats that immerse you into a health experience that enables you to take the drivers seat in developing mind-body resiliency so you too, can live out your wildest dreams, with those you love.

With over 15 years in the health and fitness space, together we have coached thousands of humans, with our unique healthy before fit philosophy, through our boutique training studio EvoPrime Fitness, one on one online coaching platforms, Institute of Motion faculty projects and international presenting. We have heard the struggles, tried and tested our methods, and constantly upgrade our learnings and insight of the human body. Now we bring you experiences we passionately and purposefully coordinate to crack open your limiting health beliefs and unlock your own personal inner health guru.



Jan is a passionate fitness professional, who made it his mission, to be a voice for us to realise there is much more to health than being physically “fit”.

Co-founder of a personalised boutique training studio EvoPrime Fitness, International Fitness Presenter, ex-professional Ice Hockey player, and faculty for the Institute of Motion a leading health and fitness education provider in California, Jan is dedicated to helping people to build resilient bodies through intelligent, purposeful movement so that they can become pain-free, Built Up physically and mentally, trusting in their body, empowered with selfceare strategies and feel more in control of their bodies, health, and life.

From professional athlete, to fitness professional, business owner and international health coach, Jan has experienced many of the health obstacles people face and has experimented with training modalities, the latest health strategies, various training/self care tools, allied health professionals, nutritional straggles and has adopted a framework for health that is both enjoyable and sustainable.

Jan speaks at global fitness conventions on topics such as habit coaching, body systems, how different training modalities influence different physiological outcomes, the importance of variability for resiliency, and has an energy that lifts the room and leaves you feeling empowered and ready to take action.

Chantel HUTNAN

Chantel is a compassionate health practitioner, movement lover and essential oil leader who is dedicated to raising the consciousness of womens health and empowering women to really understand the intricacy of their bodies and to lovingly work with it, nourish it physically and emotionally, so you can fee truly at home in your own skin and live out your dreams.  

Chantel works virtually with women all over the world as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, to help them to investigate and understand their health experience and implement holistic health plans that address the root causes of their health complaints. 

Chantel has completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy, she’s a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and furthered her study in Functional Medicine and Ancestral Nutrition as a part of the Kresser Institute Alumni. 

She truly believes that the future of healthcare relies on people becoming empowered and proactive in their own health experience. She speaks about common areas of womens health that are often overlooked like hormonal health, emotional resiliency, self-care and self love and integrates the use of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils into her business. She leads a community of like minded oil enthusiasts who love using natures medicinal properties to support their health physically, emotionally & spiritually, as well as creating a low-tox environment for themselves and their family.  


Together we believe in integrity, finding the right purpose and empathy. We look for the light in other people and help them to (re) discover confidence in themselves, and joy in what they can do. And we promise to do it in a way that is intelligent, enjoyable, and convenient.

Intro to Jan

Jan will be responsible for all physical parts on the retreat. From purposeful morning sessions, through daily mobility routines to self-care tips for pain management and energy. You can discuss with him anything about your own exercise program and get his advice.


It’s well known that having your own personal trainer or body therapist is a big advantage. However, what iff you are on travel or your health care practitioner booked out? This is the exact moment when YOU can use strategies we will share with you.

Intro to chantel

Chantel is our girl for all related to womens health, gut health and nutrition. Chantel will share with you what it requires to keep female body healthy from a Functional Medicine perspective. You will leave with a plan in place.

what’s happening outside of the gym?

When you take out 3 hours on average of our liveable week time, there are still 88 hours left - when we don’t sleep. If we want to to life a healthy and happy lifestyle we need to address what’s happening outside of the gym. Our lifestyle.