Your Team

Every single day of your retreat is designed to make you feel your best. Happy, relaxed, energised and vibrant . This team is beyond excited to make it happen for you.


Jan Hutnan

Co-Creator | Health & Movement Coach | Presenter


To see people healthy, happy & empowered is why Chantel and I created these retreats.

In my career I have been lucky enough to receive the best education and knowledge and I would like to share as much as possible with you. I would like to show you that taking care of your health doesn’t have to be hard nor time consuming. My health philosophy is “Better beats Perfect”.

I believe in sustainable strategies which are based on variability and complete care. My personal vision is to elevate the consciousness of health before fitness in Australia and around the world. 


Chantel Hutnan

Co-Creator | Pharmacist | Functional Diagnostic Nutrition | doTERRA Leader | Sharer

Everyone deserves to feel their best. The body has an incredible ability to know exactly how to function. All we have to do is give it the right information and environment in order to thrive. This is were I come in.

I work one on one with proactive individuals and small groups to identify the root cause of their health complaints and tailor nutrition and lifestyle strategies to optimise these important systems.

This Retreat is designed to illustrate how simple being healthy really is. It is designed to empower you and arm you with knowledge and skills to feel in control of your own health well beyond our time together at the retreat.


Ellie Hulme

Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist

Life lover

Hi my name is Ellie and I am lucky enough to call the Byron Shire my home!
I finished studying an Advanced Diploma of Health Science, specialising in Soft
Tissue Therapies, I have many passions!! I love dancing to live music, I love surfing our beautiful oceans, I love eating delicious food, I love having deep conversations with kind people, I love learning new things, I love the outdoors and adventuring through nature and I love that I am yet to discover all the things that can make my heart sing!! 

I'm excited to be part of such an incredible group of people, helping others to grow and be the best version of themselves!! We are all so unique and different and it's an exciting journey we are all on!!.




Loved by everyone

My name is Michael Dignan and I am a fully qualified and registered osteopath. 

I believe that as a healthcare practitioner it is our duty to ensure that each patient remains the centre focus of their healthcare, and therefore it is essential to provide a support network that is made up of a variety of different skilled professionals. This is exactly what healthy before fit retreats brings to life. 

As an osteopath I recognize the important link between the structures of the body and how they influence function. Therefore I create a tailored management plan focused on enhancing the function of your circulation, nerves and musculoskeletal system to improve your health and well-being and assist the body to function as one dynamic unit